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title_bullet Change the registrant of an OpenSRS domain name (com/net/org/info/biz/eu)


You will need to send us an email using the following template:

Customer Number: [your customer number]

We are the current registered owners of the domain [enter domain name] and would request that you change the registrant (owner) of this domain to:

Name :
Company Name :
Address :
Post Code :
Country :
Telephone :
Email :

By doing this we accept:

  • The registration of the domain name will be transferred to the new registrant.
  • These changes will be reflected in the public WHOIS database.
  • The new registrant will then be able to make changes to the domain.
  • Once the transfer has been processed it cannot be altered without the permission of the new registrant.

I accept full responsibility for the transfer and the changes it will make and have informed the new registrant of the changes we are going to make.

[your name]
[position at company]


Use the exact text above - changing only those sections in red.
The domain must not be past its renewal date - if it is please contact us as it will need renewing first.
You must provide a valid contact email address.
Please email it to

Once we receive your request the changes will completed in 12 business hours but typically faster.