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title_bullet Transferring an OpenSRS domain name (com/net/org/biz/info/eu)


To fully transfer your domain name you will need to send us an email using the following template, once a valid request has been received and processed the domain will be unlocked and the authorisation code will be issued to the new admin contact.

Customer Number: [your customer number]

We are the current registered owners of the domain [enter domain name] and would request that you change the 'administrative contact' for this domain to:

Name :
Company Name :
Address :
Post Code :
Country :
Telephone :
Email :

Once this has been completed our new ISP / domain registrar will be submitting a transfer request to transfer future control of this domain.

We are fully aware of the consequences that this change may involve. If you have any questions about this request please contact [enter your name] via email to [enter your email address].

[your name]
[position at company]


The domain name is at least 60 days old (if a new registration) or at least 30 days past it's last renewal.
If the domain name is not transferred to your new ISP within 30 days it will be changed back to us and you would need to resubmit your request.
Use the exact text above - changing only those sections in red.
The domain must not be past its renewal date - if it is please contact us as it will need renewing first.
You must provide a valid contact email address.
Please email it to

Once we receive your request the changes will completed in 12 business hours but typically faster.