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GetOnline is an Internet Service Provider offering the following services:

  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Web and Email Hosting
  • Dial-Up Internet Access
  • Bespoke Web and Email Solutions
  • E-Commerce Solutions

We are currently based in our main offices in Macclesfield and started in 1997 providing "local call rate" dialup access across the UK and also supplying Internet services to many other countries worldwide including America, Australia, Canada, Japan and most other European countries.

As a domain name registrar for both UK and International domain names we have registered thousands of domain names and are members of Nominet and multiple international domain name registrars.

We currently host in excess of 15000 web sites for both businesses and private individuals. In addition to providing standard web and email hosting services we also provide specialised hosting services such as dedicated servers and bespoke email solutions.

If you have any general questions about GetOnline please contact us.