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DNS hosting
is where all the Internet traffic (www, email etc.) for your domain name is directed correctly by our DNS servers to the correct Internet address.

You would use this service in the following circumstances:

You wanted to keep your domain name managed separately from your hosting / web design company in the event of a dispute with them or if they ceased trading, in either case we would still control your domain name and could make any necessary changes.

You hosted your own servers (Web, email, application etc.) and needed a resilient DNS service to point the Internet traffic to those servers.

This service is included in our domain name registration / transfer costs. However if you wanted to manage your domain names yourself or with another ISP you can use our DNS servers independently.

We do recommend that we fully control the domain name so that any problems can be resolved promptly.


If you transfer the administration and billing (Full Transfer) for your domain name to GetOnline the cost is £25 + vat which provides the service for 2 years or until the domain names next renewal date, whichever date is earliest.
If you transfer the DNS servers only the cost is £25 + vat for 2 years, at the end of which we will send you a renewal notice giving you the option to renew for a further 2 years.
To transfer a domain name to our control for DNS hosting click here.
To register a domain name and setup DNS Hosting click here.
If your domain name is already registered with GetOnline and you want to change DNS records please click here.